Peter Wagge was a chemist born in Flekkefjord, Norway, on June 29, 1833. Together with Guldberg, he formulated the Chemical Law of Mass Action as a function of Reagent Speed ​​and Concentration, determining whether this reaction would be reversible in terms of concentrations. of reagents.

He was a professor at the University of Oslo. In 1854 at Christiana University, Waage met Cato Guldberg and became friends. Studied medicine for three years. He then studied Mineralogy and Chemistry. It graduated in 1859.

In 1864, together with Guldberg, they formulated the Law of the Masses. They also studied the effect of temperature on the rates of chemical reactions. Waage married Johanne Christiane Riddervold Tandberg and had five children. Johanne passed away in 1869.

He later married Guldberg's sister Sofie Mathild and had six more children with her. He died in Oslo on January 13, 1900.