Dictionary - T

  • tangent: That touches or touches. This is the line or surface that touches another line or surface at a single point.
  • Electric tension: Electromotive force; voltage
  • theorem: Any proposition that, in order to be admitted or to become evident, must be demonstrated.
  • thermodynamics: Study of mutual relations between calorific and mechanical phenomena.
  • thermology: Heat treatise. Part of heat physics.
  • thermometry: Temperature measurement.
  • tesla: Unit of measurement of magnetic induction in the International System.
  • torque: That which produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion and whose effectiveness is measured by the product of force and the perpendicular distance from the force's line of action to the axis of rotation. 2 Moment of a system of forces that tend to cause rotation.
  • job: Product of the multiplication of a force by the distance traveled by the application point in the direction of the force. Action of a force that sets in motion a body that opposes resistance. Effort employed in overcoming a resistance.
  • trajectory: Line or path taken by a point of a moving body. Geometric location of positions occupied by furniture. Path, road, middle path, pathway. Curve described by the projectile during its air travel. Orbit.
  • transistor: Crystal amplifier, invented in the USA in 1948, to replace the electronic valve in receivers.
  • trapeze: Quad that has two unequal and parallel sides.
  • pipe: Generally cylindrical, hollow, elongated body of various materials, such as glass, rubber, plastic, etc., through which liquids, air or gas may pass.